I finished a test knit!

Hello lovely readers!  I’m so sorry for the radio silence here, but I had to really throw myself at the test knit in order to get it done on time, and I’m proud to say that I have!  The deadline was tomorrow, and I just submitted my official photos.  The pattern is out now, so I can finally share details!

The pattern is from the amazing Tin Can Knits, whom I’ve raved about before, and the pattern has been released under the name Bowline.  The pattern was designed as a part of the Cordova Gansey Project, which seeks to reintroduce the wearing of woolen handknits in the fishing industry.  It’s a neat project, go check it out!

Ironically, I knit my sweater in a wool-free blend.  Oops!  I used Berroco Remix in Olive and I used up just under 6 skeins between my three(!) swatches and the sweater itself.  The yarn is olive colored with orange flecks, which the woman at my LYS assured me would match my red hair beautifully.  I think she was right!

gansey fabric

I had such an interesting experience working on this project.  There was a discussion board for the folks testing the pattern, and because it’s available in so many sizes, there were a lot of people working on it, all at different paces.  The folks working on the children’s sizes tended to get through the pattern much more quickly than I could, since I was making the Women’s Medium, which meant I got to hear from them what issues might arise later in the pattern.  And there were definitely quite a few bugs in the pattern as originally written, which is precisely why test knitting is so important!  For instance, I couldn’t seem to get the neck right as written, and then it turned out that the pattern hadn’t been created to have the right number of stitches at cast on!


Anyway, three versions later, the pattern is perfect, and I really can’t recommend it enough!  The sweater is really visually interesting–textured and cozy to the eye, but not busy.  Tin Can Knits is having a BOGO sale on almost all of their patterns and e-books right now, so if you’re interested in giving the Bowline a try, you can pick up two patterns for the price of one!  (To reiterate:  I reap nothing from you choosing to do this.  I’m just plugging it because I was excited about the sale and quickly snatched up two e-books for myself.)

Happy knitting!


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