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A Brief Update

Hi everyone!  I feel badly because I haven’t posted anything new in a week, and even that last post wasn’t very exciting.  Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about this blog.  To the contrary!  I have an interesting how to/recipe post planned that I thought I would be able to get up on Sunday, but then I wasn’t actually able to make the recipe because I was missing a key ingredient.  I have it now, though, so I’ll be making the recipe tonight, I promise!  I’ll take lots of pictures and hopefully I can get a thorough, helpful, educational, and food porn-worthy post up by Sunday.  It should be worth the wait!

I also wanted to confess that that lovely strategy I had planned out last week has basically exploded.  I was picked to test knit a sweater pattern, and the deadline is July 10th.  I’m so excited and honored to be doing it, but it does mean that I have to devote all of my knitting time and energy to this project in order to finish it in time.  Sorry to be so vague, but I have to keep it secret-ish until the pattern is published.  I’ll be doing a proper photo shoot modeling it once it’s done, so I should have some very nice shots to share sometime next month.  Check back in for that, I think I’ll have quite the post detailing my trials and tribulations with this project.  (I thought it was going to get the best of me in the first three rows.  Funny story!)

In the meantime, I’d love some input.  I’m going to be starting the Beach Chair Socks MKAL on 7/4 (I swear!  I’ll be done the sweater by then), and I need to pick four colors to make them with.  The two socks won’t be exact matches.  I have a lovely turquoise Malabrigo Sock (impressionist sky if you’d like to look it up) that I think I’d like to use, but I haven’t picked my three other yarns.  Have any ideas?  Please leave them in the comments!  I love hearing from you all, and I’d really appreciate the input on these socks.


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